Welcome to The Moon Shard!

This City of Heroes (privately operated) public server was created for the City of Heroes player community and their friends and acquaintances to play together in an open atmosphere.
We are located in Europe; our common language for communication is English. Please use English in all public channels (in-game and outside of it).

Important: The Moon Shard will be shutting down due to a lack of active players, and we're working with the people of Rebirth to get our player accounts and characters merged into their shard.
It's important to note that you have to create an account on Rebirth before we shut down, and send in a ticket on rebirth so the accounts can be merged when importing Moon Shard data to Rebirth.
Loyalty points will likely not be retained, but everything else on your characters (progression, resources, badges, story arc progression) will be preserved with the merger.
Check our discord for more details or if you have questions! https://discord.gg/KGsDMkX

Server started on 2019-09-09 16:29:46, running for 135 hours 9 minutes

There are 74 registered accounts holding 108 characters.

Client Download

To download the client, please follow these steps:

  1. Download Tequila.exe or CreamSoda.exe.
  2. Run it and choose where you want to install City of Heroes.
  3. Click the "Options" button, paste the following manifest link into the text field, and click "Add."
  4. https://www.moonshard.org/manifest/MoonShard.xml

  5. Click "Re-validate" to pick up the Moon Shard as a server and check/download all files.
  6. Click play and login with the account created on this website.

You're welcome to join our discord for announcements and chat!


Server settings

This server has the following settings:

  • Normal XP: you will gain XP at a normal rate.
    Double XP weekends are planned and will be announced, but will be very infrequent.
  • Architect Entertainment has a normal XP rate at 100%.
  • Architect Entertainment has a normal ticket drop rate (100%).
  • Players will start off with 5 loyalty reward tokens and ACTIVE players will gain one weekly. If you don't play, you won't receive the loyalty rewards, to keep things fair for all.
  • Players start off with 12 character slots. More can be unlocked (you will have unlock options in the character screen).
  • Our concurrent user limit is (for the moment) set to 1000 because the server has plenty of capacity to cater to concurrent players, although we have not had enough players so far to reasonably stress test it.